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Computers exists everywhere, from interstellar satellites to desktop computers, from a space shuttle’s control system to your own mobile phone; and from the high-speed data-crunching servers running at the CERN’s World-Wide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG) to your office’s coffee machine!

So, the question is, if something is so versatile, how could we begin to comprehend it? Is there a common link to understand all the different types of computer systems? Fortunately, a link exists and it has been the driving force that has marked the works of electrical engineers and computer scientists since the later half of the twentieth century. Computer Engineering (abbr. as CE) encompasses a wide range of study disciplines, thinking methodologies and design ideas. Whether you are a scientific expert on CE or a lay-man looking for some of the most unique applications of CE in the scientific world you’ll definitely find something new here to read and learn about. The topics of articles might not be well-structured all through the way, but you can always catch up on the related topics by going through the [ view categories ] section.

We’ll trace the origins of computers; ponder over new computing paradigms like quantum computing, computation-in-memory, parallel-architectures, heterogeneous accelerators and much more. We’ll study their functioning on how the unique combination of Electronics and Computer Science bridges the hardware and software aspects of a computer system. I’ll also share some of my works occasionally, that’ll hopefully help provide a real-world perspective of the applications of CE.

In this blog, we talk about a variety of topics in Computer Engineering, Hardware Design, Microelectronics, Computational Sciences and sometimes, just my thoughts, ideas about efficiency, time and personal management and some philosophical outlook.
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SyncMind AI research

As a research scientist, my personal ambition is to develop hardware and software systems to link human brain to the computing world. While downloading human consciousness to the ‘chip’ can be considered science fiction in the near future; silicon based integrated circuits are already a reality that are transforming the lives of people suffering from brain and neural ailments. I am working on one such end-to-end development research initiative called SyncMind. You can read all about our ongoing work at [ SyncMind.org ] and reach our team with your queries at [ hello@syncmind.org ].

SyncMind is a non-profit research initiative and on my team's behalf, I would like to reach out to you to consider donating in order to support the SyncMind.org initiative.


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