| Resolutions, Regrets and Rectifications

As an academic, I feel very strongly about the 3Rs, the subject of the article. The social aspect is pretty clear and straightforward. But, I am trying to connect the dots here to an academic perspective. I think the scientific development reminisces of these 3R.

Resolutions: As a student, resolutions are a part of my individual short-term goals of my ongoing projects and assignments. I careful organisation of the distributed subjects is integral to the approach of problem solving. Like many social and personal development resolutions, some academic resolutions succeed and others tend to go downhill.

Regrets: Regrets are the proneness to errors. I am inclined to call these unexpected events as regrets to identify their psychological implications. Depending on the nature of the resolutions and the problem at hand, regrets can be mild or intense. One example is, the interdisciplinary nature of research that catalyze a regret of limited perspective in an unknown domain.

Rectifications: Problem solving is indeed a cycle of making and correcting errors. Often ramifications of untested theories and certain unprecedented prerequisites towards the resolutions need rectifications.

A philosophical summary of any project can thus be depicted as a cycle of resolutions, regrets and rectifications controlled by the condition while(resolutions!=complete).

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